Learn how to fly fish near Eugene

Fly fishing for beginners

Eugene Oregon Fly Fishing Beginner Shawn Marquez

Our goal is to provide the beginner fly fisher with fly-fishing instruction and the basic fly-casting techniques needed to learn how to fly fish. Be ready for a full day of fun and enjoyable beginning fly fishing and basic fly-casting instruction near Eugene, Oregon. This is not a group class it’s a one-on- one, instruction in the morning and fly fishing in the afternoon.

The first part of the morning class is learn “how to” fly-fish instruction. You will be shown the fly-fishing tips and tricks that will start you on the right path to becoming a seasoned fly fisher. Please feel free to ask questions. This will be a complete fly-fishing tip tutorial with fly fishing information relating to:

  • Weights of fly rods for the types of fish your after
  • The different types and sizes of fly lines
  • Fly leaders for wet fly and dry fly fishing
  • Types of trout flies and when to use them
  • How to rig a fly leader and clean a fly line
  • Learn how to tie 5 basic fly fishing knots

The second part of the morning class is a one on one how to do it right, basic fly-casting instruction with easy to learn fly casting techniques that you need for proper fly-casting and self help long after the class is over. Feel free to ask questions. You will learn the right way to do the following:

  • The overhead and false cast
  • Roll cast
  • Single haul pick-up
  • Change of direction cast
  • Self help solving fly casting problems

After lunch, the new fly fisher will also gain the feel and insight into the stimulating sport of fly fishing with an enjoyable ½ day drift boat fly-fishing trip. The afternoon will include more fly-fishing instruction on the McKenzie River fly-fishing for Rainbow Trout. You will also be shown fly-casting techniques used on the river to increase your catch rate including.

  • Trout feeding habits
  • Types aquatic insects in Oregon rivers
  • Trout feeding lanes
  • Methods you can use to catch more trout

I start the beginning fly fishing classes about the first of June and continue through August. The weather and water condition are always good and so is the fishing and it’s a great time to be on the water.

If you are from out of our area and looking for accommodations, just go on line and
search for “Gateway Motels Springfield Oregon” and you will find about a dozen newer
motels listed. The Gateway area is between Eugene and Springfield just off the I-5
freeway, close to restaurants, a major shopping center and Cabela’s Outfitters.

Please book early for the best dates that meet your travel plans. Why wait, now is the best
time to book your Beginning Fly Fishing Class. I will do my best to provide you with
the best 2 person fly fishing class ever, instruction in the morning and fly fishing in the
afternoon. What a deal, your investment for the day is just $350.00 for the 2 person class.
Just give me a call on my cell 541-228-4999 or you can email me at stan@oregon-fly-
fioshing-with-stan.com I am happy to talk with you or email you about any questions
you have about this class or any of my fly fishing trips.

Thank You,


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