Oregon steelhead fly fishing guided trips

Dr. Curt Daly with a nice Willamette river summer steelhead

Dr. Curt Daly with a nice Willamette river summer steelhead

Fly fishing for summer steelhead and catching these returning sea-run rainbows on a fly is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Every Oregon steelhead fly-fishing trip on a steelhead river is a learning experience, and perhaps that is one of the things that can make it so interesting and rewarding.

All of the necessary steelhead-fly-fishing tackle is provided on our trips. However, if you would like to use your own equipment, I recommend: A 9-foot graphite 7 wt. or 8 wt. fly rod. Most of our summer fly fishing is done with a weight forward floating fly line or slow sinking clear fly line. You should have a good quality fly reel with a smooth drag system, one that is capable of holding at least 150 yards of 20lb Dacron backing plus the weight forward fly line. Steelhead leaders should be 9 to 10 feet with 1X or 2X tippets with stiff butt sections that are able to turn over #4 and #6 steelhead flies.

Jim Breeden with a couple Williamette river steelhead

Jim Breeden with a couple Williamette river steelhead

I carry a variety of steelhead flies, wets, dries and skaters. Some of the more popular Oregon steelhead fly patterns are the following:

  • Green Butt Skunk size 4 & 6
  • Skunk size 2 & 4
  • Umpqua Special size 4 & 6
  • Muddler Minnows size 2 & 4
  • Black Crystal Wooly Buggers size 2 & 4.
  • Black Egg-sucking Bunny leach size 2 & 4

If you are from out of our area and looking for accommodations, do an internet search: “Gateway Motels Springfield Oregon” and you will find about a dozen newer motels listed. This area is between Eugene and Springfield just off the I-5 freeway, close to restaurants, a major shopping center, and Cabela’s Outfitters.

Please book early for the best dates that meet your travel plans. Your investment for a full
day of Steelhead fly fishing fun is $400.00 for a two person trip and $275.00 for a two
person half day trip.

Why wait, now is the time to book that special trip, I will do my very best to provide you
with an outstanding fly fishing trip and I’ll also add in my tips and tricks of 40 years
of fly fishing experience. Just give me a call on my cell 541-228-4999 or email me at

I am happy to talk with you or email you about any questions you have regarding any of
my fishing trips and at the same time book this Oregon Steelhead fly fishing trip and get
the fishing date you want.

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